so I went to a museum in DC today where they had all these Van Gogh paintings, and nobody really stopped me (????) when I got like 3 inches from the painting to take this

Maybe they expect respect from you





Possibly the saddest thing I’ve ever seen

this made me cry

Reblog this. We owe this person at least this much

I went to look at a cemetery with my friend once. To admire all the headstones and explore a little. There were hundreds of graves and hundreds of headstones. Some were broken and over grown and the moss made them unreadable. They had been there for hundreds of years. Slowly you start to realize that you will be forgotten. There was billions of corpses before you and there will be billions after you. You will be irrelevant one day. Its not about being remembered. Its not about having a name that will live forever. Its about making it worthwhile. Its about making the life that you live amazing and positive and happy. And if you find yourself struggling with that. Take a walk through a graveyard. Take in your surroundings. Know that people die, that you will die. See the beauty in the world, and the beauty in people. Even if its hard it is there. This plant is in-explainable. Our existence is in-explainable. But you are here. You will leave. And you will experience something no other being can ever experience. Your Life.