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who even is straight anymore

96.20% of the population, according to the UCLA School of Law. Remember kids, a world exists outside of

who is even straight anymore

That is such a fucking bullshit number and you and your arrogant shit can go fuck yourselves.

No, it’s not bullshit at all. Took me all of 1 minute to find the report here. You sound like a 13 year old who just learned how to curse. The number is accurate.

Allow me to sing you the song of my people, you naive little shit. Just because someone decided that they would do a “report” on the percentage of straight people in the world does not, under absolutely and set of circumstances, make that report true. It means that someone with a remarkably biased and self-motivated sense of superiority decided that they could make a group of marginalized people feel even more like shit by skewing data to make them seem like such an itty bitty proportion of the population as to be irrelevant.

I did not say that the study didn’t exist. I said the number it came up with was so hilariously and outrageously high that it couldn’t possibly be anything but bullshit.

I then called the person who brought up the study out on further dehumanizing the self-made safe spaces of said marginalized groups on the internet because it was so unnecessary and cruel that it can’t possibly have been motivated by anything but hatred or the desire to make other people hurt. The study and the person bringing it up only had one purpose. To humiliate people who are already constantly, regularly, and unnecessarily humiliated.

On that note, the very existence of your blog is to make fun of other people. You take your pleasure and escapism out of humiliating other human beings for sport. You know what that makes you? Sociopathic and lacking in empathy. You know what that means to me? You are a sad, empty human being who doesn’t know how to love and whose efforts to make themselves feel bigger by hurting strangers online will buy them nothing but pity, more emptiness, and massive dissatisfaction.

Taking to heart the things that people like you say is a waste of time. Your insults are shabby at best and depend on me thinking that the creative genius of a child just learning to curse is a bad thing, and I truly hope that this small attempt to humiliate me on a day when I edged on suicidal has made you feel better about yourself.

Because if it hasn’t, you have accomplished nothing. You have not hurt me, you have not proven yourself superior, you have only wasted your time being a petty, bigoted asshole.

Welcome to reality fuckface.